Photography Resources

Professional photography is more than just having a great eye. To compete in today’s market you must be prepared and equipped to deal with the demands of your profession. Having professional photography equipment is essential to becoming a ‘professional’ photographer. Acquiring the professional gear needed to shoot premium commercial photography takes time, money, and patience; professional gear isn’t cheap.

In an effort to assist you with your photography endeavors, Christopher has compiled a list of professional photography resources designed to maximize your potential as a photographer. Each of these resources serve a specific interest and should be considered carefully. Please Note: There are endless professional resources available to photographers; listed below are just a few of the services Christopher uses on a regular basis.

Personal Note
“When I was coming up through the ranks as a photographer, I didn’t have anyone to turn to for advice; I had to learn everything on my own. Photography can be extremely competitive, it’s a sink or swim environment. Now that I’ve achieved some success in my career, I just want to give back; I enjoy sharing my resources.” – Christopher Durst

Photography Organizations
American Society of Media Photographers  –
International Federation of New Media  –
International Freelance Photographers Organization  –
Picture Licensing Universal System  –
Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines  –
US Press Association  –

Bags & Road Cases
Photography Bags  –
Road Cases  –

Camera Gear
Abe’s of Maine  –
B&H Photo & Video  –

Editing Software
Aperture  –
Lightroom  –
Photoshop  –

Studio Lighting  –

Email Marketing  –

Paper Products
Books / Portfolios  –
Business Cards / Mailers   –
Photography Books  –
Prints  –

The LensPal  –
Borrow Lenses  –
IE Photo Rentals  –

Social Media
Facebook  –
Flickr  –
Smug  –
Twitter  –

Photoshelter  –
Pictage  –
Livebooks  –